Sunday, June 29, 2014

Coppertone ClearlySheer

Sun screen is sun screen is sun screen. Right? NO!!! Bzzagent was kind enough to send me Coppertone ClearlySheer in Sunny day and Beach and Pool to try. The application was amazingly simply-either spray on or apply the lotion type as usual. I waited for the typical sunscreen smell to hit me...and waited....and waited....WOW! That was a light and refreshing scent that even my husband noticed the pleasant aroma.

My usual sunscreen routine is to have a towel nearby for greasy hands to be wiped on. Surprise number two! There was no greasy residue.

I prepared myself to nurse sunburns after the kids playing in the pool. Surprise number three- No sunburns!

I'm sold. I will definitely be buying ClearlySheer in the future.
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