All About Me!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl searching for her place in the world. Through the course of several decades and many misadventures, she may have finally found the beginning of her path. To chronicle this journey, she created this blog.

I'm just your typical American woman searching for the definition and fulfillment of my American Dream. Along my journey, I have accumulated a husband and 3 kids, over 100 college credit hours with only a certificate to show for it, an aspiration to become a writer, a part-time job and full-time college course load.

Through soul searching and countless years of research, I have finally become comfortable with my choice of career and religion. I've gone from wanting to be a lawyer in Australia to pediatric nurse until I finally accepted Elementary teacher as my ultimate destination. I was born into a Christian family, explored numerous denominations, dabbled in Wicca and was finally led to Islam.

Through the uncertainties of life, I have found a few constants. 1-God, without Him there is no life and no matter how far I strayed or pushed myself away, I always come back. 2-Life is about learning. We are never too old to learn. Education comes in so many packages and comes from an unlimited amount of sources. 3-It is up to us to embrace every situation as an opportunity to serve God and to grow.

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