Saturday, April 26, 2014

Whoa Winter, take this weight back!

So apparently I am a bear, or other animal that packs on the pounds in preparation for hibernation. At least I can say my body's capability of survival during a famine is working. Sadly, I have put on a few pounds of cushion. Could it be the excessive amounts of carbs I'm shoveling into my face? Could it be my dysfunctional thyroid? I would say it is most likely a  result of the perfect storm.

Needless to say, I'm creating a mindset of mindful eating in order to get this excess weight off -its *only* 10-15 pounds, but we all know 5 turns to 10 and 10 to 20 and next thing you know you've gained 100 pounds and wondering where it came from. Its best to stop the cycle while it is starting. Starting today, I'm increasing my protein and water intake and decreasing my carbohydrate consumption. I'll also be more active-hooray for hiking season!

I suppose every spring I begin anew. This year with a different school, searching for a different job (trying to find something in the educational field), and getting my body and health back in order. Since finally being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and getting that treated I have noticed and improvement in my energy level and I lost a couple pounds with little effort on my part. I'm still noticing my hair is thinned on top and I'm losing eyebrows. I suppose its a good thing I wear a head covering/scarf and color in my eyebrows :)

This spring/summer will be quite exciting. As I shed the excess weight, we are preparing to go on vacation to Tennessee and I will be participating in my first ever Ramadan. I am super nervous about doing everything the proper way or just being able to fast at all. I have to admit, I'm not the perfect Muslim. I am so bad about not performing my prayers-and what good is it to call yourself  Muslim if you don't even complete one of the basic pillars of faith? This too will be part of my "beginning anew" game plan.

It looks like this year will be filled with mind, body and soul alterations for the good and I have to admit, I'm eager to watch my progress.