Thursday, April 26, 2012

263-190 Before and After Pics!

Wow, so long with no update! I am currently at 190 pounds...that is a 73 pound loss all together, 32 since surgery. It has certainly been a rocky road, not physically, but mentally. I still have head hunger-certainly not hungry, just bored or emotional. I've caved to temptation and had jelly beans and some bread....unfortunately they tasted good and went down well. I've eaten too much and/or too fast and had the omg-think-I'm-having-a-heart-attack pains....not fun, but I've learned from those mistakes. I'm getting better about remembering my medications-wish I could say the same for my vitamins....why is it so hard to remember those things?!?!? I'm feeling pretty good for the most part, have my energy back-well as much as a full-time employed mother of 3 boys all in baseball can have!

Great news, starting nursing school in the fall-so exciting!!! I'm ready for the career change, I've always loved caring for people. I suppose I'll be super busy then, working, school and kids! Hope poor hubby doesn't feel left out of it all.... This coming weekend is the hair show-great weekend with great friends! Always have too much fun at those. I'm sure I enjoy the hotel and hanging out more than the show though.

Garnier Fructis BzzCampaign

Just got mine in the mail- Sleek & Shine. Packaging is wonderful! Flip-top cap is easy to open, would be great for slippery hands or if you have problems opening typical flip-top lids. The product itself is thick so a small amount goes a long way! Smells fabulous and fruity, great moisturizing-maybe too much for my hair type. My hair tends to get frizzy and dry at the ends and oily at the roots (if not washed daily). I used this on my entire head....perhaps next time I will use the conditioner off the scalp. I would highly recommend this to someone with extremely dry hair, super frizzy, or if you really like to add shine to your hair. My style did hold all day long and did not have static in it at all (super plus!) Only downfall, greasy bangs by the end of the day. I think this will work great to help protect my heat abused hair!

Being a cosmetologist, I have tried many products from every end of the price spectrum. I would say this is ranking right up there with the more expensive salon brands (at a much cheaper price!) I did receive this product for free from, but my opinions and experiences are all my own!