Friday, December 20, 2013

    Sometimes life hands you lemons....and you squeeze them and juice gets in your eye....You can either choose to throw the lemons down and say forget it, or you can keep on squeezing them because you know the pain and frustration will be worth it in the end.
    Today alone, I have been faced with 2 separate batches of lemons......I'll be the first to admit I cried a little. Then I sulked...a lot. I even thought about throwing in the towel. Who needs lemonade from scratch anyway? I'll just toss what juice I've made and these left over lemons in the trash and buy some from the store.
    Then guilt sets in. How dare I waste perfectly good lemons? Why not see where this takes me?
Misery depends on your point of view. I could choose to see a hard time as a negative and continue to moan and groan about how unfair it is that I'm faced with situations I would much rather leave for someone else. When learning to live life differently, it is time to see all aspects of life, not just the good, not just the bad. There's always another side to the coin.
    In order to move on and grow, I have got to realize that I can learn something! So my method of 'squeezing the lemons' isn't so effective. Perhaps it is time to tackle this hurdle from a different angle.
Ok, enough cliché metaphors.
    From this day forward, I promise to make a positive effort to use each experience as an avenue for learning. I will learn to take the good with the bad. I will stand firm when I am sure about something and be willing to give in when life calls for flexibility.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

BzzAgent Bliss! Kroger Skillet Meals

What else could possible make dinner any easier?

As a bzzagent through, I get invited to participate in fabulous campaigns where I receive free products and coupons in exchange for telling the world about it and giving bzzagent my opinion. My most recent invite was for Kroger Skillet Meals. I received a coupon for a free Kroger Skillet Meal, free garlic bread and free salad kit as well as coupons for money off of my next purchases or to just share with others.

Kroger Skillet Meals are found in the frozen food department. Available flavors include tasty selections like Tuscan Style Penne, Chicken Fajitas, Sorento style-gnocchi, Shrimp Lo-mein and Sausage Rigatoni. Selections may vary depending on your Kroger location. I know our local store is terrific about stocking something if I ask them to get some in, so try it if you don't see the flavors you would like!

We tried the Tuscan Style Penne. Chicken, penne, asparagus, and a creamy sauce that tasted like it had sundried tomatoes. Simply empty contents into the skillet, cover, heat, stir and serve. I would recommend pre-heating your oven so you can pop the garlic bread (if you choose to serve it as a side) in the oven while you are cooking your meal. It only takes about 10 minutes and the kitchen smells like I've been slaving over a stove to prepare a delicious Italian dish. The package recommended it served two so we bought an extra bag for our hungry crew. One bag fed myself one serving, my husband 2 and we had some leftover. Bag 2 and the remainder of the first bag fed my 3 boys with some leftover. 

This is absolutely a perfect quick fix for those hectic nights where you work late or have a million activities going on, but don't want to run through the drive-thru. Preparing this was so simple, my 7 year old could have managed with my supervision!

Kroger Skillet Meal Tuscan Style Penne received 5 out of 5 thumbs up!