Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Patient vs Visitor

Its so great to not be a patient for once.....While visiting Mom after her VSG surgery, I'm realizing how much I missed after mine. Between the anesthesia and the pain medication, there's a lot of room for missed memories. At least now I've had a taste of what my mother will be like should she ever be cursed with Alzheimer's. (Love you Mom...lol)

How any patient ever gets rest in the hospital I'll never understand. While the quality of care here is top notch, there is always so much going on. Between checking vital signs and walking the halls sleep comes in the form of PCA induced cat naps. No wonder patients come home feeling zapped.

All in all I wouldn't trade the results of my surgery for anything, I just know that the immediate recovery is the pits. While watching Mom snooze I'm reminded of how tender and spacey I felt. While I didn't want to be alone, I sure did not feel up to visitors. Lucky for me hubby sat quietly in the corner only asking an occasional question or two.

Being a visitor I now realize how important comfort is not only for the patient, but for the visitor as well. Refreshments, distractions and comfy chairs have been such a wonderful asset for me today. I can only hope the customer service at other hospitals is at least a fraction of what I'm experiencing.